Hotel Regulations

Rules and conditions

Welcome, these rules and conditions are to ensure that your stay is comfortable and safe. Enjoy our hospitality.

The right of entry and accommodation to the Residencial Universitaria is granted to guests subject to acceptance of all terms, conditions and House rules.

1. These rules and conditions are to be used in conjunction with and not in lieu of any relevant legislation related to fair trade.

2. the Administration has total discretion in deciding who enters or not as guest to our residence and reserves the right to refuse the entry to whom its seem relevant.

3. the presentation of a valid passport or ID card is a prerequisite to obtain accommodation in our residence.

4. the payment of accommodation should do is strictly in advance...

5. It is completely forbbiden to smoke in the guest rooms or any common area of the residence.

6. By security reasons the doors of the residence are closed at 23:00 hours and re open at 06:30 hours. The entrance and exit to the resedence between those hours must be coordinated with the staff on duty.

7 materials or flammable explosive liquids or incense are allowed anywhere in this residence. This building is equipped with sensitive smoke detectors in all common areas.

8. our kitchen is exclusively used by the staff.

9. it is totally banned the entry and or use of any illegal drugs to our residence. The possession and or use of these could carry to inform to the police and his subsequent prosecution.

10. Our residential does not hold alcohol license therefore alcohol consumption is not allowed in common areas .The guest that want to consume alcohol in their room should do it in a responsible and considered form for others guests. The mere fact of being drunk will be reason enough for their immediate eviction and subsequent reporting to the police.

11. Security is of the utmost importance to us. We take all the measures of security that is require but finally the administration of the residential does not assumes any responsibility by any loss, theft, damage suffered by the guests or their visits while staying in our residential. We urge our guests not to keep money or other valuables in their room and always leave their room locked.

12. Any damage both to property and furniture or equipment of our residential exercised by a guest or their visitors will be the full responsibility of the host registered for the purpose of repair and the replacement of this.

13. Pets are not allowed in the residence.

14. The entrance to the rooms is only allowed to people registered upon payment of your stay. Unregistered outsiders will be asked to leave by the staff on duty.

15. All anti-social behaviour is unacceptable this includes threat to any person or member of the staff, damage to property, graffiti, theft of any kind, physical abuse or sexual harassment, the use of areas after permitted hours, cause loud noises, radio tv, loud etc. This will be punished with immediate and subsequent eviction report to the police.

16. For the safety of our guests through common areas of the building installed a security and surveillance system.

17- Check-in 2 pm check-out 12 pm.

All guest must vacate the room before the schedule check out 12 pm otherwise be charged another extra day.

If you collaborate while respecting these rules, it will allow a better care of the establishment. Your suggestions and comments are welcome: request the book of suggestions from staff.