Regulation students area

1. It is completely banned smoking in the residence for reasons of health and safety. Likewise is fully prohibited the use of any type of FLAMMABLE items in the residence as CANDLES, PARAFFIN AND GAS STOVES. Our home is equipped with smoke detectors for your safety.

2. For safety reasons both doors for access to the residence MUST remain always closed Is suggested to residents not to answer the intercoms or open the door to strangers. Only staff on duty manager is authorized to do so.

3. Access to the Residence and is just for residents. It is NOT allowed visits to the rooms despite being residents of other rooms. PROHIBITED the entry of groups or any person outside to This home for reasons of security. Our home is monitored with security video in real time from distance 24 hours.

4. The kitchen area and its equipments are designed to heat food or light meal preparation. (Fried foods and foods with high concentration of odors is FORBIDDEN). Its use is EXCLUSIVE FOR RESIDENTS. Cleaning and maintenance is obligatory from whom use it. FORBIDDEN to leave dirty dishes/pots or food outside the numbered compartments. Use hours are 7.00 AM to 10.00 PM

5. This a temporary address therefore is any type of commercial correspondence is not permited. Any commercial item received will be returned to the sender without prior notice.

6. Service to the rooms is mandatory and occurs once per week of Monday to Friday. Residents, please keep the room´s floor free of clothing or other items to facilitate its cleaning.

7. Lease payments must be made between the days first to three of each month directly to the Office of Administration or bank transfer. See for details. Rent arrears will be fined 10% of the monthly fee.

8. Residents are suggested not to keep valuables in the rooms. Our home takes all the necessary care and precautions in measures measures, but finally is not responsible for loss, theft or thefts occurred in the rooms. Always keep her closed bedroom door.

9. In respect of fellow residents who are studying or resting, it is suggested to maintain always voices low in the common areas. Music and TV. permitted in the rooms in a moderate volume

10. The use of electric blankets, KETTLES, refrigerators or any electrical appliance of high consumption, will have a extra charge of $ 9,000 monthly by artifact. (Except hair dryer, SHAVER). THE USE OF ELECTRIC HEATER WILL HAVE A COST OF $20,000 PER MONTH. Please advice before entering an artifact to your room. The mere entry of any of these artifacts to the room, their use will be assumed and therefore their respective charge will be made.

11. The use of iron in the rooms is totally forbidden. One can only ask in a very sporadic case an iron and an ironing board in administration. Which will be returned immediately from being used.

12. Totally forbidden to stick, scratch, score in the walls or furniture of the rooms or common areas. Any damage to the property will be discounted from the guarantee money.

13. Fully PROHIBITED the washing of clothes of any size in the residence. Please ask for laundry service.

14. Totally prohibited the admission and or consumption of any type of drug to the residence.

15. Take care of your keys. The loss of keys to the residence requires the student to take charge of the by the student.

Year- 2018.