Meiggs neighborhood

The Meiggs neighborhood is a unique place of commerce in Santiago, where it is possible to find all kinds of products in wholesale wholesale, with permanent offers. In recent decades it has become the favorite place for consumers in the capital and province to make their purchases of Christmas, New Year, school supplies, children's day and many other celebrations or special dates.

It is located in the limit of the commune of Santiago and Central Station, next to the Railway Station. Its commercial premises are distributed between Paseo Meiggs, and Campbell, Garland and Salvador Sanfuentes streets. Their tenants are both nationals and immigrants, especially Asians. With more than a century of history, the Meiggs Quarter now looks like a prosperous area, as was the original owner of the land, the wealthy American adventurer Enrique Meiggs, known in Chile for his participation in the construction of railway lines and the donation of these lands.

Meiggs is currently a buoyant and very popular trade zone.